Piras Gioielli offers a selection of traditional Sardinian handmade jewellery in silver and filigree. Quality products, entirely handmade by highly qualified craftsmen and, of course, made in Italy, with guarantee certificate.

In the past jewels were an integral part of Sardinia's clothing system, they had no practical or aesthetic functions but symbolic, social differentiation and, in the case of amulets, a magical meaning.

The most ancient function of Sardinia's jewellery and filigree was that of a medium between man and the gods, to invoke their grace or to exorcise evil forces; for example, a black stone inside a silver circle was used to protect the newborn baby against an evil eye, or a set of precious objects placed by the side of a dead person guaranteed custody of his body and rebirth to a new life.

This almost magical aspect is also found in the legend according to which fairies, in their enchanted dwellings called Domus de Janas,  embroidered and wove gold and silver threads with various precious stones to give life to Sardinia's jewels.
Sardinian jewellery is a tangible sign of the deep culture of the entire Sardinian people, a sign of belonging that Sardinian women still preserve and hand down from one generation to the next. Years go by and times change, but attachment to one's roots and cultural identity must always remain.

Piras Gioielli through its jewellery intends to revive magical aspects, traditions, colours and flavours of this wonderful land. Why don't you customize your wedding shirt with Sardinian instead of 'standard' cufflinks? Why not give a kokkos to the newborn baby as a lucky charm? Why don't you turn a classic t-shirt into an original one with a Sardinian brooch?
With Sardinia in Love you bring tradition in line with the times!

With Piras Gioielli you bring tradition in line with the times!